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Impossible Is Where Your Genius Begins

This keynote shows how to turn challenges into opportunities, empowering you to achieve extraordinary results. Gain the mindset and tools to harness your genius and drive innovation.


Navigate financial success with "WIN AT MONEY! How to Navigate Financial Success Like You've Been Here Before." Designed for high-growth executives, this session introduces a financial decision model to help you make strategic decisions and achieve sustainable growth.

Impossible Genius: A Virtual Event

Join "Impossible Genius: A Virtual Event" to learn how to unlock profits by leveraging your unique quirks. Discover the Actionable Genius Formula and turn your strengths into success. Ideal for entrepreneurs and leaders ready to embrace their potential and drive results.

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Dr. Crystal founded EdgeTech Global to revolutionize the ares of

Education, Gaming, Economics, and Technology

As CEO of EdgeTech Global, Dr. Crystal leads the way for innovation and earth-friendly business solutions.

With over 20 years of expertise, she turns innovative ideas into impactful solutions.

EdgeTech Global excels in creating comprehensive courses, dynamic membership sites, and robust support systems to evolve with the future of education.

When you partner with us, together we create groundbreaking strategies that drive success and foster growth.

Let’s collaborate to harness your unique genius, develop actionable frameworks, and achieve extraordinary results. Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure mutual success.

Let’s innovate for a brighter future!

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Join our network of innovators by becoming an affiliate. As an affiliate, when someone you send builds a course, you get paid! When someone you send brings Dr. Crystal to speak, you get paid!

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Champion the mission of EdgeTech Global as an ambassador. Share our vision in education, gaming, technology, and economics with your network. Inspire others and drive transformative innovation, making a lasting impact. Trained ambassadors earn rights to earn as the company grows.

Bring Your Genius Quirks to the Team

Join the EdgeTech Global team and harness your unique genius. We value creativity and innovation in shaping the future of education. Collaborate with us to develop groundbreaking strategies and achieve extraordinary results.

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Gifts from Dr. Crystal Favorite Teachers

Jen DeSeau Barber

Learn from the teacher who showed me the true power of my mind. I use the methods taught by Jen every single day to create magic in my life. While I strongly encourage the original Silva training, I also recommend you choose Jen and let her evolved techniques change your life forever. Sometimes it is the formula. Sometimes it is the teacher. Jen has it all!!!

You can find Jen on her YouTube channel @expandyourgreatness

Note: While Jen was an officially trained Silva Method Teacher at the time I took her class, she no longer is affiliated with the company.

Dianne A. Allen

If you ever just wished someone could "get you" with all your quirks and nuances, have I got the teacher for you. Dianne is personally responsible for a large part of my sanity being maintained during one of the most difficult seasons of my life, and I am forever grateful for her work. I often return to this work, and have sent my grown sons to work with her as well.

Specializing in helping gifted adults find their harmony in this world not quite made for their neurdivergencies, Dianne is my "go to" for mindful strategies for inner peace.

Find Dianne and a load of gifts at msdianneallen.com.

How I Got Here...

Community Leaders Who Have Impacted My Life

Sassy MasterMind

With Lisa Sasevich


with VIshen Lakiani

Burning Man

Blackrock and Miami

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Choose Your Money Identity

Personal Development

Module 2 excerpt

Transform Your Money Experience

7 Modules

Create a VIP Money Experience

Money Decisions

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Transform Your Money Experience

7 Modules

Big Decisions, Tiny Changes

Decision Making

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Transform Your Money Experience

7 Modules

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Engage Your Audience and Harmonize Your Visions as You Unlock Actionable Genius in Your People

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Business Systems Development and Long Term Strategic Decisions.

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Experience and Wisdom Meets Innovation and Opportunity.


BIG THANKS to our member, Dr Crystal Gifford for leading our celebrations! That was the most elevated and impactful wins celebration at Miami Made (and we've had a lot of great ones).

The entire room was shaking with our visualizations, energy and applause, cheering people on! WOW!

Joe Metcalfe--Co Host and Community Leader

Miami Made

"You are amazing!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your instinctiveness to present without PowerPoint. The impact you had on us will be remembered as we never forget the “dreaming child” we have suppressed. I am excited to start reading your book."

-T. Barry

"Wow! wow! wow! Joining Crystal's presentation Is WELL WORTH your TIME! I highly recommend her for your audiences."

Tiffany O.


Miami, FL


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