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Regardless of the size of your audience, Dr, Crystal's magnetic speaking style is amazing! From one-on-one sessions to crowds numbering in the thousands, whether in person or virtual, Crystal's real life perspective and unique presentation style will energize and educate attendees and leave them wanting more!

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Request Dr. Crystal to speak at your event, conference, or meeting. She'll spark new life into your audience, providing clarity on how their personal genius can add value in everything they choose and the tools to keep improving. Audiences leave inspired and equipped for success.

Live and Virtual Workshops/Trainings

Unlock actionable genius with Dr. Crystal’s engaging "Play"shops and trainings. Perfect for energizing your team, these sessions range from 3 hours to a full week. Dr. Crystal has exactly the format you need to establish immediate practices that elicit true potential.

Consultant Advisory Services

Expand your organizational harmony with Dr. Crystal’s bespoke consulting services. Leverage her expertise to navigate complex financial decisions and integrate newfound harmony into your organizational culture, ensuring sustainable growth and cohesion.

*Includes Sweet Spot Assessment.

Personal Money Development Programs

Elevate your financial acumen with Dr. Crystal’s programs. Learn to make powerful decisions, align your core self with financial goals, and provoke success through intentional development of your core self, supporting your life aspirations with improved money management skills.

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Achieve instant credibility with a Certified Transformation Content Seal. Lead in education by providing top-quality learning experiences with your courses, membership sites, and trainings. Ensure you stand out in the evolving landscape of post-secondary education.

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JJoin a community of activated genius explorers. Connect with like-minded individuals who understand and support your vision as you unlock and apply your actionable genius. Enjoy the ongoing support and camaraderie of a thriving network.


Popular Lessons

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Personal Development

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Big Decisions, Tiny Changes

Decision Making

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Transform Your Money Experience

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Keynote Speaker

Engage Your Audience and Harmonize Your Visions as You Unlock Actionable Genius in Your People

Financial Decisions Guide:

Experience and Wisdom Meets Innovation and Opportunity.

Curriculum as a Profit Center:

Business Systems Development and Long Term Strategic Decisions.

Content to Profit Enhancer:

Strategy and Structure to Profit from Your Audience


BIG THANKS to our member, Dr Crystal Gifford for leading our celebrations! That was the most elevated and impactful wins celebration at Miami Made (and we've had a lot of great ones).

The entire room was shaking with our visualizations, energy and applause, cheering people on! WOW!

Joe Metcalfe--Co Host and Community Leader

Miami Made

"You are amazing!!! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and your instinctiveness to present without PowerPoint. The impact you had on us will be remembered as we never forget the “dreaming child” we have suppressed. I am excited to start reading your book."

-T. Barry

"Wow! wow! wow! Joining Crystal's presentation Is WELL WORTH your TIME! I highly recommend her for your audiences."

Tiffany O.


Miami, FL


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